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Elevate Your Defense Skills

Become equipped to become the guardian of others as you serve as a protector and defender. 

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Adults firearm owners with mid-level firearm skills or greater.


Protector/ Defender Training
July 11th - July 13th


2494 Camp Jaycee Rd. Blue Ridge, VA

*Be sure to view important arrival/departure information below in the FAQ section

Training Includes

Firearms Mastery: Experience tactical defense training that instills responsible firearm use as a last resort. Navigate high-stress scenarios, mastering self-defense protocols with ethical precision and de-escalation techniques. Our mid-level course combines classroom, outdoor scenarios, and range time, laying the foundation for future advanced training.

Krav Maga Expertise: Unleash the power of Krav Maga, a dynamic self-defense system rooted in simplicity and aggression. Delve into principles over techniques, empowering you to adapt to any attack confidently. Discover the art of Krav Maga, where every move counts, and every defense is tailored to you.


Security Team Excellence: Prepare for the unexpected with comprehensive security team training. Learn to handle violent intruders and active shooter situations with proactive strategies. This event also qualifies you to become part of CRI's Security Teams (CST). *Must apply. 

Travel Safety Readiness: Venture abroad with confidence through our travel safety preparedness event. Enhance your situational awareness, risk assessment, and self-defense skills. Gain the assurance to explore unfamiliar territories while staying vigilant and secure.

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CRI Protector/ Defender Training


Elevate your Defense Skills

  • Firearms Mastery
  • Krav Maga¬†Expertise
  • Security Team Excellence
  • Travel Safety Readiness
  • Room and Board
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Level up your defense game with Protector/ Defender Training.

Join us and become equipped to become the guardian of others as you serve as a protector and defender. 

*This is NOT a beginner course. You must already own and comfortably and competently operate a pistol. Must be in good physical condition and be able to participate in physical fitness, obstacle course work, and high-stress environments. Must be humble, flexible, teachable, and always willing to follow directions.*


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