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With tornado season upon us, it's crucial to be prepared. Download our FREE Tornado Essentials Guide today and equip yourself with life-saving information on how to prepare and what to do during a tornado. From creating an emergency plan to knowing where to seek shelter, this guide is packed with essential tips to increase your chances of survival. Don't leave your safety to chance - get your guide now and ensure you're ready for whatever comes your way!

FREE Download:  20 Essentials you need to know before & during a tornado.

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Access our Online CRI Responder training as well as our Chaplaincy courses. 

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Come spend a season on the CRI Missions Base in the beautiful mountains in Blue Ridge Virginia. 

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Drawing from a background in the motion picture industry, Sean Malone returned to New York just days before the 9/11 attacks, where he played a crucial role in providing emergency lighting for search and rescue operations. His journey continued as Paramount Pictures sent him to New Orleans shortly before Hurricane Katrina struck, immersing him in extensive disaster relief efforts.

In 2007, Sean, alongside his wife Laura, founded Crisis Response International (CRI), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Since its inception, CRI has trained over fifteen thousand volunteer responders and full-time crisis response missionaries, deploying them to some of the world's most challenging crises and disasters. They persist in being at the right place and time with a worldwide community of CRI Responders who long to bring God’s love and care when people need it most. CRI remains at the forefront of training volunteers and mobilizing resources to bring relief where it's needed most worldwide.




CRI Intensives

Come join us for a deeper experience at the CRI Missions Base during one of our CRI Intensives. Immerse yourself in community, deepen your spiritual journey, and gain practical training in crisis response.

CRI Responder Testimonies


Jarod Richardson

"You can go for a short season into a place where somebody's life was absolutely wrecked and devastated, where there was great injury to their way of life. In that shaken place of their life, you can minister the gospel in a place that is just so significant, deep, real, and loving."

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Doreen Perfetto-Petrizzo

"Being a CRI Responder has given me an opportunity to fulfill the call of God in my life that I know he's called me to, which is to be a person that responds in the midst of disaster to people in crisis. I never thought I'd have an opportunity to do the things that I've done before and go the places I've gone."

Karen Williams

"Before I joined CRI, I would watch the news and see disaster happen and go, I wish I could do something. Being a CRI responder has made it possible to be the hands and the feet of God and help people in times of disaster. "

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